Gerry Berges



About Gerry:

Gerry and Cathy have lived in Panoramic Heights since 1990. They both grew up in Bellevue and moved to Kennewick in 1977. Gerry owned an Optometric Clinic for 35 years in Kennewick and retired in December, 2014. He has been active in PHHA for several years. Gerry and Cathy have 4 married children and 9 grandchildren.
“This has always been a comfortable neighborhood to live, with the maturity of the vegetation, the sidewalks, the views across the river and the friendliness of our neighbors. It has been a great environment to raise our kids, with the outstanding Kennewick school district, and the convenience of the surrounding recreational facilities. Cathy and I appreciate Panoramic Heights and want to continue to conserve this historical neighborhood as it has always been.”

Robin Duncan



About Robin:

Robin and her husband, Keith, have lived in Panoramic Heights since the summer of 2012. They are both teachers in the Kennewick School District. They started dating in their senior year at Kamiakin HS when they were students of the KSD. They have raised 4 children and are honored that the parents of their foreign exchange student from Azerbaijan shared their daughter with them, not only for the year she lived with them, but ever since making her a part of their forever family. They love spending time with their children, grandchildren, and extended family and friends. You can often find them outdoors at the PH park, on walks through the neighborhood, or playing in their yard with their grandchildren.

Robin also enjoys reading/scoring applications for local scholarships. “There are so many young people in the Tri-Cities doing amazing things in their schools and community. It’s an honor to see them achieve their goals and play a small part in the reach for their future.”

Traci Bradshaw

Vice President


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Steve Varner



About Steve:

Steve Varner, a Cost Estimating Manager for the Richland Office with Tetra Tech, supports US Federal Government clients with the quality assurance of planning design, and construction oversight services for international infrastructure projects. For the past 15 years, he has developed congressional budgets and cost estimates for military and international development projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the US. Steve has over 35 years of experience in architect-engineer (A-E) design and construction management.

Steve has also been a part of several Church, Community and Charitable Organization Boards throughout the years.  As Treasurer, his past experience will provide valuable assistance to the Panoramic Heights Homeowners Association.

Steve and his Wife, Terri moved to Panoramic Heights the Summer of 2016. They moved from a larger 3 level home to a single level. With their Son and Daughter gone, now with their own families, the thought was to downsize and be ready for the eventual retirement. They also love the neighborhood, the care neighbors have for their homes and yards, and the location. Steve and Terri have 2 kids, Darek and Brooklyn, and 6 Grandkids.

John Crosby

Water Master – Emergency: 509-521-6838
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