Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Annual Dues?

 Current annual due are $165.00 for Phase 1 & 2 (148 lots) and 155.00 for phase 3 (11 lots)

What do Annual Dues cover?

Our annual dues cover many things.  The biggest expense we have is caring for our common areas.  We have three common areas that beautify our neighborhood; the entry way off 27th the area at 25th and Dawes (at the irrigation bridge), and then the grassy area around the pool. This expense comes from lawn maintenance, irrigation system maintenance and repairs. We budget almost $20,000 per year for those two items.  We have two insurance policies; a general liability policy to cover anything that may happen in our neighborhood and a Director and officer liability policy for our Board of Directors.  Those four items are 70% of our budget.  The rest of the budget is for capital improvements, power for irrigation, general maintenance and repairs and a few odds and ends.


Can I opt out of the HOA if I don't want to be a member?

No, membership is required when you purchase a home in Panoramic Heights. 

Are there any neighborhood meetings that I can attend?

We have an annual meeting each year on the 2nd Tuesday of March (or as close a possible). A notice will be sent out ahead of the date, time and location. The Board meets once a month and all members are invited to attend. The date, times and locations of all meetings are noted on our calendar.    

Do the annual dues include membership to the pool and tennis courts?

No, the pool and tennis court are not affiliated with or included in the Panoramic Heights HOA Annual Dues. If you want to be able to use the pool and tennis courts, a separate membership is required.  Please contact the Panoramic Heights Recreation Association for information about this option.

Who do I contact if there is an irrigation emergency?

Please contact Kennewick Irrigation District. For a neighborhood irrigation emergency our Water Master, John Crosby can be reached at or 509-521-6838.

When does the irrigation turn on and turn off?

Please contact the Kennewick Irrigation District for turn off and turn on dates and any irrigation emergencies. For Panoramic Heights irrigation issues and questions please contact our Water Master at

How can I get involved in Panoramic Heights Home Owners Association?

You can get involved by emailing any Board Member or by visiting our How To Get Involved on our Committees page or by completing the contact us section at the the bottom of this page.

Do I have to be a Board Member or an Associate Board Member to be on a Committee?

No, any member of the Panoramic Heights HOA can be on a committee. For Committee information click here. 

Where do I send my complaints or compliments?

You can send any complaints, concerns or compliments to

Is there any any information or guidance on tree planting?

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