Neighborhood Covenant Violations


We have a great neighborhood and it takes all of us doing our part to keep it that way.  Upon purchasing a home in Panoramic Heights, an agreement was signed to uphold the Panoramic Heights Covenants. The Covenants include keeping certain standards, paying annual dues, etc.

The purpose of the Covenants are “to ensure the livability of the area by protecting the health, safety, welfare, security of property values, and to further all things conducive to harmony and compatibility among neighbors.”

Sometimes a neighbor may fall short and not be following covenants. If that describes one of your neighbors and is a concern or frustration for you, we ask that your first step be to have a discussion with them.  Encourage them to visit our website and review the PHHA Covenants that every homeowner signed and agreed upon when they purchased their home. We understand that this can be a sensitive topic to bring up to your neighbor but we do ask that you try this first. The next option is to complete our complaint form.  

The information gathered will be sent to the Covenant Committee for review. If there is a covenant violation, a violation letter will be sent to the homeowner with language from our covenants explaining the concerns, where to find the violation in the Covenants and a time limit to complete. 

No one wants to be the “neighborhood police”, but the Covenants Committee and the PHHA Board are following the Bylaws that require every homeowner to follow. This insures that our neighborhood continues to have the quality of standards it’s always had and remains a desirable Kennewick location to live, play and raise a family.  

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