Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee will review proposed construction to ensure the construction is in compliance with the covenants.

Current Committee Members:

Fernando Arevalo
Carol Bartell
Traci Bradshaw
Andy Higley
Brendon Sillito
Steve Varner
Brian Keller
Gerry Berges

Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee will oversee the maintenance and operations of common areas and grounds of Panoramic Heights with the noted exception of those belonging to the Panoramic Heights Recreation Association (PHRA). The committee will interface with and represent the PHHA in meetings and contacts with local government, Irrigation District officials, nearby schools, PHRA, local businesses and property owners on any issues affecting common area property owned by PHHA. They will keep the board advised on all issues and concerns with the common grounds of Panoramic Heights.

Current Committee Members:

Steven Erhart

Audit Committee

A three person Audit Committee appointed by the President shall conduct an annual audit of the financial transactions and records prior to the Annual Meeting. The Audit Committee will report their findings in writing to the Board with the report made available to the Membership. Furthermore, the Board may direct (by majority vote) an independent party audit at any time.

Current Committee Members:

Gerry Berges
Traci Bradshaw

Covenants Committee

The Covenants/Grievance Committee will resolve complaints and oversee compliance with covenants and RCW standards, rules and laws pertaining to private property and public areas within Panoramic Heights. This includes PHHA Covenants and RCW compliance with rules and laws governing the appearance, maintenance, placement, safety and security of the homeowner property and their surrounding area to include parking areas and roadways.  In the absence of the committee the duties and responsibility are determined and assigned by the President or his/her delegate.

Current Committee Members:

Lawrence Clay
David Dallas
Jeff Hylden
Mark Lucas
Schlomo Orr
Sondra Rader
Shane Van Den Hende

Irrigation Committee

The Irrigation Committee will assist the Water Master with irrigation concerns and issues. The committee and/or the Water Master will interface with and represent, the HPPH in meetings and contacts with Irrigation District officials and local government. The irrigation committee will keep the Board advised on all irrigation issues and concerns. Although not required, the Water Master serves as the Irrigation Committee Chair.
Current Committee Members:

John Crosby
Dave Chumney

Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee will visit and welcome all new members into our neighborhood.

Current Committee Members:

Carol Bartell
Christy Watts

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