It has been a long year and a half.  Aren’t you glad we did not know in March 2020 what we know today!  It has gone on much longer and has had a far greater effect on our world than I could imagine.  But we are getting through it.  Now the summer comes and we can start to get back to some sort of normalcy.  It could be different than what was normal before, but we will all adapt.  Let’s focus on getting outside in the sunshine and warm weather;  walking, gardening, barbecuing, and sitting on the patio reading a good book.  New hope, new excitement while looking to the future.  Panoramic Heights is an established neighborhood, and we take a lot of pride in caring for our properties.  That is where our covenants protect you and me.  Click here to study Panoramic Height’s Covenants.  Specifically, the purpose of our covenants.  Then study lines 162-210 and make sure you are in compliance.  This is how we protect everyone’s property values.  Moving forward, this is how we make Panoramic Heights a great neighborhood to live.  It is all of us abiding in the covenants that were developed almost 50 years ago and still apply today.