What a year it has been.  I pray that you have been able to keep safe and stay healthy.  We are propelling through a pandemic, we survived an election, habits and lifestyles have been altered, business as we know it has been changed forever, and the “community connection” our students need has been drastically disrupted.  Now I am starting to sound like the headlines of our local newspaper!

Our neighborhood has continued to move ahead.  Jenna has done a tremendous job on our website,  keeping it up to date and secure.  All board meeting agendas and minutes are available on our website.  She also has produced our new quarterly newsletter that is available on our website.  Steve has made it possible to pay membership dues online.  We have had a lot of members take advantage of that.  Steve has also done a tremendous job getting our financial books organized and up to date.  The new speed signs are up and running, trying to slow down drivers through our neighborhood.  We have new lighting at all of our mailboxes as well our entry way signs.  We have new bark under the playground equipment by the pool.  Our committees continue to be active, with a new Welcoming committee starting up.  Our Welcoming Committee will be very effective in introducing new homeowners to the neighborhood.  Then in December we had our first annual Panoramic Heights food drive.  Due to the kindness and generosity of our members, we were able to donate over 2,000 pounds of food to our Kennewick Food Bank.  People have asked for updates on 5301 W. 26th Avenue; and all I can say at this time, it is not resolved.  We have a very active committee, led by Bill Dixon, dealing with rezoning of Thompson Hill to high density residential.  You can see that even in a pandemic year, we continue to move ahead and have been able to accomplish a lot.

Let’s pray this turns out to be a healthy and productive year for everyone.  Let’s keep our eyes open for those hidden opportunities to lend a helping hand to someone in need.  Those opportunities are there if we continue to look outward.