Welcome to December!  It has been a long year for everyone. Things happening that we never could have envisioned.  I know we can blame this or blame that, but this is a first for all of us.  Let’s focus on how we can adapt to this Pandemic.  The mental game can be more damaging than the physical.  I feel we were created to be in community, to be together and not isolated.   That community has been taken from us, and I feel that is where the mental game starts.  If we are not careful, we focus on our challenges and what we don’t have rather than understand all that we have been given.  We can prevent that if we want to.

If we get our focus off ourselves and onto those around us who have a need, we can start to steer our mental game in a positive direction.

This month we are having our first annual Panoramic Heights Food Drive.  The food that you give will be delivered to the Kennewick Food Bank.  They have been slammed on two sides; less food donation and more patrons in need.  The food supply has been limited while the need has increased.  This is where you can help those who are not as fortunate.  We will deliver bags to each homeowner on December 5th.  Please fill these bags with non-perishable food products.  Please don’t feel limited by the size of the bag.  If you want to give more, we have the room.  Place your food donation on your front porch on December 12th.  Volunteers will pick up the bags and we will deliver them to the Kennewick Food Bank.  This is an easy way for you to help solve a tremendous need in our community.  It is not hard, it allows you to be part of the solution, and it gives us a sense of joy that we can focus on the needs of others.

Thank you.  Have a Merry Christmas.  This will pass and we can get back to meeting together and shaking hands again.