We have a challenge and we need your help.  There has been a proposal to change the zoning on Thompson Hill from Low Density Residential to High Density Residential.  In the beginning, I did not really understand how this change in zoning would affect our family here in Panoramic Heights.  It was easy for me to say, “It’s not our challenge, so let someone else worry about it.  Life is crazy and we have other things to keep us busy.”

I have since become aware how this zoning change will affect our life here in Panoramic Heights.  Changing that 40.6 acres from LDR to HDR will enable up to 1,100 housing units to placed on that hill.  That is up to 8 times the number of housing units we have in Panoramic Heights.

How does this affect traffic flow on 27th, 26th, 25th, Dawes, Edison, Grant, Irving and Kellogg streets?  The prediction would be 8,000 more traffic trips off the hill per day.  Some will go to the south over Sherman, but many of those trips will be through our neighborhoods.

Our irrigation will be shared with any development on Thompson Hill.  Some of you are having challenges already.

What affect would this change in zoning have your property?  That is hard to say, but I don’t see how it would help if we have 1,100 housing units to the west and a tremendous increase in traffic volume in our neighborhoods.

There are other challenges that we would face.  We need you to get involved.  Please watch your emails and mailbox for ways that you can help.  If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please send them to PHHA at info@panoramicheightshoa.com.