New lights on our mailbox’s-

Do you notice how light it stays until 9:00 PM in the summer time?  We get to enjoy those beautiful sunsets off to the west and the warm air.   We see many people out for an evening stroll.

As Fall sets in, the days get shorter and the air gets cooler.  By the time winter sets in, it is getting dark by 5:00 PM.  That creates a challenge when you stop by the mailbox in the evening.  It has always been dark, hard to see, and somewhat dangerous.

Your board decided that we needed to improve that situation.  Ron Mabry and his crew studied the best way to light our entry way lights, as well as each of the mailbox’s in Panoramic Heights.  As darkness sets in, you will notice that each mailbox has a solar light that is motion sensitive.  When you get home from work and you have to stop and get the mail, the light will activate, creating a brighter and safer environment for our homeowners.   The light at the entry ways have been improved as well, with a more powerful solar light.  Thank You Ron for taking on and completing that project.

If you have any other suggestions to improve the living environment in our neighborhood, please forward your idea to a board member and it will be brought up at our next board meeting.  You will find the names of your board members on our Panoramic Heights website.