WOW!  How is everyone doing?  Are you able to get out of the house for walks, or get in your car and go for a ride?  I know some of you are working, so you are having no problem keeping busy.  For my wife and me, it would be very easy to slow down to a level that is not healthy.  We have to keep moving and doing different things.

Do you go out for walks during the day?  Even if it’s a short walk to the end of the block and back.  Maybe you are a little more aggressive and want to take long walks of 4-5 miles.  We live in a great area for neighborhood walks.  The hills are not very steep, and the sidewalks are wide so we can keep the social distancing.

How about going for rides and scoping out areas around the Tri-Cities.  We live in a diverse environment and if you get outside the cities, you can enjoy the beauty of eastern Washington.  Gas is as cheap as it is going to get.  Take lunch and a good book with you so you can stop along the way.

Go north out Glade road for 25 miles, then circle around into the big town of Eltopia, then come back on 395.

Take the road from Prosser south to Patterson and then circle around through Plymouth to 395 north.

You will enjoy the beautiful drive from Umatilla to Wallula.  You can stop at Hat Rock and Twin Sisters to hike.

Another great drive is from Pasco to Dayton, seeing all the vineyards and wheat fields.  This time of the year the vineyards are starting to leaf and the rolling wheat fields are bright green.

So if you are looking for something to do while we are supposed to be “keeping away from other folks”, go for a walk or a drive.  Just a couple of idea’s to keep our minds moving forward.