There are two Panoramic Heights Associations—Panoramic Heights Homeowners and Panoramic Heights Recreation.  Why are they separated?

I can’t tell you when or why they were separated, but it is a positive.

The dues this year for our Panoramic Heights Homeowners members will be $165. That is the same as last year.  You can go to the February “President’s Corner” on our web site and it will explain what those dues pay for.  Our goal is to keep our neighborhood looking as beautiful as we can, while keeping the fees per home owner low.  Our covenants support that same goal, protecting our property values and making our neighborhood desirable for homeowners and potential home buyers.

The fees to join the Panoramic Heights Recreation Association are double that amount, and justifiably so.  Those fees cover the cost of maintaining the pool, capital improvements, paying for the insurance required and hiring a life guard in the summer.  People will join the Panoramic Heights Recreation Association and pay the additional fees to use the pool and tennis courts.   Because PHHA membership is not required to join the Recreation Association, they attract members from Creekstone and other housing developments.

If we did not separate the two organizations each homeowner would pay nearly $500 per year, whether you use the Recreation facility or not.  The pool and tennis courts are an asset to our neighborhood, but if I don’t use them, should I have to pay for them?

If you have a home in Panoramic Heights, you are a member of the PHHA.  If you want to join the Panoramic Heights Recreation Association, it is your choice to do so but not a requirement.