Some reflections for December:

There are so many thoughts that come with December.  School is out for a couple of weeks, planning family time together, changing work schedules, finishing up gift shopping, making sure gifts are mailed on time, putting up Christmas decorations…did I miss anything?

The colorful lights, the Christmas music, scented pine cones, Christmas cookies, Hallmark movies, and flakes of snow falling to the ground.  It is enjoyable to see the excitement in the eyes of a young child, with the expectation of things to come.  It is a time of reflection on past memories and being thankful for the important things in our lives.

It can be a lonely time for people.  No reason to question why, but it is a tough time for many folks.  We all need to be sensitive to that.  By being aware of this loneliness, we can be a listening ear for these individuals.  I don’t think it hurts to ask questions, people are open to sharing their situation with others.  By being a sensitive ear to those who are hurting, we can make their Christmas season less painful.  We can continue to enjoy the promises of the Christmas season while helping those who are lonely.  Reach out this Christmas season, looking for ways to help those in need, whatever their need.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Gerry Berges

President, PHHA