I remember when we first moved into the neighborhood, we received a bill for “Panoramic Heights Homeowner Association.”  This was new to Cathy and me because we had never lived in a neighborhood that had a Homeowners Association.  My question to my wife was “what are we paying for”?

That may be a question that you have today.  “What are we getting for the money we are spending for dues?”  Great question, and let’s see if I can explain.

Your Panoramic Heights Homeowner Association has a yearly budget of almost $31,000.  The biggest expense comes from maintaining our three common areas that beautify our neighborhood.  This includes lawn and irrigation system maintenance and irrigation repairs.  We also have an insurance policy that includes General Liability to cover anything that may happen in our neighborhood and a Director and Officer Liability to cover our Board of Directors.  This year we were able to save almost 30% on this policy by combining two policies into one and changing companies.

The rest of the budget is capital improvements, power for irrigation, general maintenance and repairs, and a few odds and ends.  This is what your dues pay for.  Our goal is to keep these as low as possible, and if you check HOA dues in our area, ours are very low.  If you have questions about the dues, we have a spot on our web page for questions or you are always welcome at our monthly board meetings.  Also, the date, the agenda and the minutes of these board meetings are on our new website: panoramicheightshoa.com. 

Please get involved with your Panoramic Heights Homeowner Association.  We are all in this together.