We are community. 

How does Webster define “community”?

“a unified body of individuals: such as the people of common interests living in a particular area”;

“a group linked by a common policy”; “An interacting population of various kinds of individuals in a common location”.

We all have a common interest, which includes maintaining our individual properties.  By maintaining our individual properties, we benefit our neighbors.  We are all in this together.

When the board sent out a hard copy of our covenants, our purpose was for each of us to evaluate our own property to make sure we are in compliance.  If there is an area that you are not, take it upon yourself to fix whatever needs to change.  The elephant in the room will always be the trees, but what about cars that have not been moved for months?  What about weeds along the curb in front of your house? What about boats? What about trailers in driveways?  As members, we should care for these things ourselves for the good of our neighborhood.  We are a community; a unified body of individuals, linked by a common policy and a common goal—protecting our neighborhood.